May 28, 2023


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10 tips for making your handmade cushions for your Bed Room

The bed is arranged with nice beddings, a comfortable blanket and no one should forget a relaxing cushion. The purpose of bed—which is to give you relaxation and comfort will be realistic because of the cushion. In addition, the mini sofas and chairs inside your bed room can be elegant with cushions on it.

Therefore, today I will give you 10 tips for making creative handmade cushion that will suit and complement your bed room.

  1. Go for different sizes of handmade cushion

The goal of the bedroom is to create a balanced layered look for the bed. Start with a large size cushion that is placed on the back and then put small ones on the front. Mixing handmade cushion in different shapes and sizes will give you a non-uniform look or arrangement. Make sure to not have it overly done.

  • Count your handmade cushion

If you have a large-size bed or a king bed, six handmade cushions is ideal. But if you have a smaller bed or for single spacer only, then stick to three cushions. You wouldn’t want to fill your entire bed with many handmade cushions. So, always take a look on the number of cushions you put on your bed.

  • Color combinations

Either you put your handmade cushions in your bed, or you place it on your sofas around your bedroom, it is important to balance everything out especially when it comes to color combination. If you have a black and white motif for your whole room, then go for minimalistic color combinations as well. But if your room is vibrant and colorful, then you can have three-four color combination for your handmade cushions.

  • Mix the style of your handmade cushions

If you do not want to have a uniform arrangement of your handmade cushions, then you can mix them to reveal a unique look. For a larger bed, have two rectangular white cushion at the back, then place two handmade cushion with a different color or design and another two cushion with another color or design. Mixing and matching them together so that they are asymmetrical on both sides. Although this style is fun, it still maintains its simple and stylish appearance.

  • Refrain from too much detail

If the handmade cushion you are going to get will be placed on your bed, then you do not have to go to too much detail. Small details like buttons, zipper, piped edge or metallic foiling mean sophistication and a lot of styling but are not necessary for a cushion on the bed. You wouldn’t want to be disturbed while sleeping because your hair got tangled around the button or the zipper. Therefore, purchase simpler handmade cushion.

  • Take a look on the quality

Speaking of comfort, make sure your handmade cushion is on its best quality. Handmade cushions that are made from velvet, cotton blend or linen blend is the ideal cushion for your bed. For the sofas around your room, you can consider leather fabrics and silk. As long as it is durable, then you are on the right track.

  • Filling Options

There are many fillings to choose from and the choice will be affected by the type of handmade cushion you need. For instance, if you use a bedroom handmade cushion as a support cushion on your bed, you will use a strong padding. If it is a cushion use for sleeping, then the filling should not be too much so it won’t give you stiff neck while sleeping. Another one, if the handmade cushion is for your sofa and for a small chair, then you can use a comfy padding or filling for it.

  • Arrange your handmade cushion well

Considering the sizes and the number of handmade cushions you have, you need to arrange them equally so they can look elegant and nice. Put the larger cushions at the back and place the smaller ones in front. Arrange the cushions based on their colors and styles as well. They should all be symmetrical.

  • Complement your bedroom

Make sure the designs and style of your handmade cushion still fit and suit the motif and theme of your entire bedroom. Non-uniform arrangement is okay but it still needs to complement the theme of the room.

  1.  Vary textures

I have told you about choosing the best quality of fabrics. With that being said, you do not need to stick to one fabric only. Don’t be afraid to combine velvet, silk, fur and other fabrics together. By combining them, you can keep your house with a comfortable modern appearance.

Our bed room is a place where we can relax after a long tiring day. It is a place where we can seize our leisure time. It is where we enjoy our ultimate privacy without anybody bothering us. Therefore, it is important to have everything nice and elegant. For your handmade cushions for your bed, visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop to view various cushions design you can add to your bed to spice up your entire bedroom.