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5 Sumptuous Treehouses in Quebec for a Stay That Meets your Expectations

I have to confess, I was terribly jealous of a friend of mine when I was little. Why ?

Because his uncle had built him a sumptuous cabin. When I say sumptuous, I’m not kidding! It had a real door that you could lock (you know, to have peace from the parents lol), a canexel siding, a nice asphalt shingle roof and real sliding windows that you could open or close depending on the weather. The cabin was insulated, like a house. There was even heating and electricity.


Me, I would have been happy to have one like  Bart had in The Simpsons, but no, I had none of that.

It must actually be said that there was an important element missing in my backyard so that I could have a treehouse: THE TREE 😂.

But, you know me. I picked myself up and now as an adult it is I who make my friend jealous when I show him the superb treehouses I treated myself to on a weekend with family or friends.

So here are 5 sumptuous treehouses in Quebec to make your friends jealous 😝.

Treehouse, Tingwick, Centre-du-Québec

The Tingwick Treehouse is located in Magic Tingwick Forest, a 15-acre maple forest bordered by a stream and two vegetable fields.

Chic and rustic at the same time, this cabin with windows on its 4 sides offers a complete immersion in nature, inviting the outdoors inside. You will feel like a bird in the trees.

In this one-bedroom cabin, you will find a wood-burning fireplace and a lounge area. Outside there is a dry toilet and you also have access to the main pavilion, which is shared by the 3 other rentals of the place,this includes a complete indoor and outdoor kitchen, a spa and a large living room with a wood-burning fireplace.

To book, it’s here!

The Vü Lake Cabin, Racine, Eastern Township

The cabin VÜ of the Lac is located on a rocky cape that allows you to hear the stream just below and to look at Lac à Paul,  also Mont Orford in the distance and some beaver dams. This is an enchanting site where you are really alone with nature to observe the fauna, flora and with the bed under a glass roof you will be able to enjoy looking at the starry sky  .

This cabin is fully equipped to cook, to wash up (with its camping shower) and to sleep well in a superior quality queen bed. You can also take advantage of local activities, as your stay includes access to trails (Nordic cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fat biking, hiking) and access to the Ö zone (outdoor spa open year-round).

To book, it’s here!

Perched Huts No.13 Mont-Tremblant, Laurentians

Les Refuges Perchées Mont-Tremblant offers 20 different treehouses. I have a little crush on the no.13 which is like a small castle perched between 2 yellow birches, accessible by a suspension bridge

To get to this refuge, you will have the choice between walking (10 to 25 min) or canoeing (8 to 12 min), and, once there, you will live an eco-responsible adventure without Wi-Fi, running water, or electricity!

You will find in this shelter a kitchenette with a sink, a mattress (bedding not included), a wood stove (wood not included), propane stove (propane not included, but sold on site), a 15-liters bottle of drinking water and dry toilets located near the refuge.

To book, it’s here!

Kabania, Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Lanaudiere

Kabania is like a small village of cabins at the end of the world. There are three types of ready-to-camp cabins in the trees, for sleeping and relaxing as well as common areas with kitchen, living room and sanitary block.

In terms of activities, visitors have access to the Ouareau Forest Regional Park and its 120 km of trails, river descents, swimming, etc.

We fell in love with the Kaboum cabin, which is the most spacious of the cabin there. It can accommodate up to 6 people with its 3 double mattresses. You will also enjoy a veranda, a large terrace and a hammock area under the cabin and a private campfire.

To book, it’s here!

The Enchanted Cottage, Nominingue, Laurentians

Completely playful and unique, this chalet in the trees takes you into an imaginary world where nothing is straight. At almost 20 feet high, the chalet walls are leaning, the roof is curved, the windows are crooked and the colors are vibrant.

With the suspension bridge and the various platforms that offer you a feeling of an adventure before entering a wonderful world in nature, you will find yourself back in your childhood.

With a capacity of 4 people, this chalet in the trees, lit by solar panels, includes a propane stove (propane provided), a compost toilet, a rustic shower, a wood stove, an outdoor fireplace,firewood and drinking water.

To book, it’s over here!

Here´s are the 5 treehouses that are sure to bring you back to your childhood.

Psst! If your kids are of the lucky ones who have a beautiful treehouse, I suggest that you display one of my hand-drawn world maps inside it because there’s no better place than a treehouse to nurture future travels and adventures around the world.

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