February 27, 2024


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Can present-day silly be tommorow’s norm? | News

Can’t assist thinking what George Bancroft would’ve produced of 2020 and the early 2021?

Bancroft, the “Father of U.S. Background,” who died on this date in 1891, certainly realized Benjamin Franklin was born Jan. 17, 1706, in Boston, but could not have foreseen the U.S. in 2021 would absence statesmen like Franklin and other founding fathers.

Bancroft absolutely couldn’t explain many fashionable Us residents, i.e. Jerry Falwell Jr., Jerry Sandusky and Monthly bill Cosby.

Rumor is individuals good Hallmark Playing cards people could quickly start a new sequence of greeting cards for foolhardy individuals of all races, creeds, nationalities, sexual intercourse (or not) who celebrate their freedoms recklessly speaking also substantially wickedness online, puzzling fiction with fact, creating mayhem in the streets and more evilly, not masking in general public/complying with federal government health and fitness/security mandates.

When his only son was 12, Daddy explained, “Son, the normal individual walking down the road is a stupid %$# *& # *&^%$!”

That was in 1961 reckon what he’d say about Individuals 60 several years later?

Many years earlier, Will Rogers experienced pointed out, “When ignorance will get began, it is aware of no bounds.”

Yep, we’re partly a mask-much less modern society of fools/idiots/uncaring/party animals/knuckle-draggers from which cometh our politicians, the only occupation far more scripted than professional wrestling, folks who believe the sunshine rises each day so they can tan themselves, irrespective of warnings way too considerably sunshine can trigger most cancers.