May 23, 2024


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Fajr pageant showcases is effective by artists getting international recognition for Iranian artwork

TEHRAN – The 13th Fajr Competition of Visual Arts, underway at the Saba Artwork and Cultural Institute, is exhibiting operates by Iranian artists who have been honored at international art functions across the earth in 2019 and 2020.

About 160 artworks by 67 artists of different fields of visual arts have been picked to be showcased in a exclusive part entitled “World Stars of Iranian Art”.

The section features functions in the types of photography, cartoon, illustration, portray, calligraphy and miniature, which have been acclaimed at worldwide situations in various nations, which include Kirghizia, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey. 

In excess of 700 artworks by 511 artists have been place on screen at the Fajr competition, which opened on Saturday. 

Coronavirus constraints and the pandemic have specified the artists extra alternatives to produce artworks. Some of the artworks on the concept of COVID-19 have been showcased in a exclusive section.

A selection of artworks by top rated feminine artists from all the preceding editions of the Fajr Pageant of Visual Arts has been demonstrated in the virtual show “Shadow of Tooba” in commemoration of the beginning anniversary of Hazrat Fatima (SA), the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (S).

A full of 103 artworks by 92 feminine artists who have been the recipients of Golden Tooba awards from the festival have been exhibited in the show.

The assortment is obtainable on the internet site and Instagram website page of Iran’s Institute for Advancement of Contemporary Visual Arts.

Nine veteran Iranian artists will be honored with lifetime achievement awards this year.
The honorees are grasp of sculpture and ceramics Jafar Najibi, cartoonist Ahmad Abdollahinia, illustrator Saeid Razzaqi, painter Garnic Derhakupian, miniaturist Khashayr Qazizadeh, graphic designer Ahmad Aqaqolizadeh, art researcher Yaqub Ajand, photographer Mohammad-Hossein Heidari and calligrapher Mohammad Salahshur.

In addition, the pageant shows a selection of 93 calligraphy functions competing in the festival this year.

Photograph:  A poster for “World Stars of Iranian Art”.