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Gurney Journey: Robots with Flowers

Gurney Journey: Robots with Flowers


How would you picture a portray of a robot with bouquets escalating out of it?

“A happy robotic with bouquets escalating out of his head, clouds in the track record, electronic art.” 

It is really a whimsical thought that might make a pleasurable concept for a children’s book.  

“A in-depth portray of a rainbow coloured robot with flowers developing out of its head.”

Or it might be a promising pitch for an animated movie.

“A Rene Magritte portray of a robot head with bouquets increasing out of the best with clouds in the background.”

It could also be a topic for a team exhibition of surrealistic gallery artwork.

“A painting by Syd Mead of a bipedal robot with bouquets developing out of the prime of its head.”

Designer Ben Barry made use of variations on this thought to crank out above a thousand images in distinctive variations. Mr. Barry is not an imagemaker in the regular perception. He is a person of the fortunate number of who received beta entry to the AI personal computer resource called Dall•E 2. 

“A woodblock print of a bipedal robot with flowers growing out of the prime of its head.”

Mr. Barry came up with the instigating phrases or prompts, and Dall•E 2 did the rest, producing hundreds or even hundreds of novel photos in a couple of several hours. The prompts in some cases used the names of lifeless artists to catalyze the final results, but extra often than not the prompts have been just descriptive. 

These are all large resolution visuals, suitable for magazine reproduction. 

“A painting by Caravaggio of a robot head with flowers increasing out of the leading.”

Mr. Barry edited a digital e book that you can look at out for free called 1000 Robots on He chose the issue issue of flowers and robots for the reason that “I uncover the strategy of an synthetic intelligence portray robots to be concurrently humorous and endearing.”

“A painting by Norman Rockwell of a robotic head with flowers expanding out of the best with clouds
and a rainbow in a track record, electronic art”

The know-how seems adept at knowing the creative logic of the prompt, each in phrases of model and content material. But there are a several incongruous features, this kind of as the bizarre crimson cable that arcs above to the rainbow.

Mr. Barry suggests: “Even though the model is able of creating other varieties of photos, I observed paintings to be the location where by it really excelled aesthetically.”

“A vibrant painting by M.C. Escher



head with bouquets increasing out of the top rated”

The survey of models resembles a Society of Illustrators exhibition or a specialist illustrators’ workbook. The foregoing two webpages don’t strike me as specially reminiscent of Rockwell or Escher, but to me they rating quite higher on inside coherence and aesthetic attractiveness.  

Proper now only a few men and women have entry to this instrument, but presumably it will before long be commonly available effectively for cost-free.

“a considerably lit brightly coloured in depth portray of a robot artist painting a picture”

The electric power of this artificial intelligence provides me a mixture of inner thoughts: I’m shocked, delighted, intimidated, and a bit breathless at the speed of the progress. 

If you are an illustrator or gallery artist who paints surrealistic photos in your certain type, it really is a good time for soul-seeking. 

You might contemplate:

1. How you would use these equipment. 

2, How you will supply worth for shoppers who have these applications.

3. How you will make artwork that these resources can’t achieve. 

This procedure of synthetic intelligence would not do away with regular human artists—(and by “standard” I consist of digital artists with these who use physical paint.)

But it will send shock waves via the illustration planet, and it will switch a ton of positions. Soon, everyone and anyone will be able to develop pictures quickly, cheaply, and swiftly with simple prompts of pure language.


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