November 30, 2023


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How Are NGOs Changing Lives by Helping Refugees

UNHCR - NGO partners more crucial than ever, says UN refugee chief

Refugees who were forced to leave their homes under harsh conditions need many simple commodities that enable them to lead a healthy life, such as:

●    Clothes.

●    Toiletries.

●    Cooking and food utensils.

●    Basic foodstuffs.

●    Sheets and sleeping items.

You can donate these items through the organization closest to your area.

The importance of voluntary work in enhancing the sense of belonging to the community and the group and the extent of their participation and assistance within the available possibilities for the person. The goodness of the community is undoubtedly reflected in the welfare of the lives of individuals and their social, educational, and health progress, thus advancing the society as a whole and improving the living environment that embraces individuals in addition to its great importance in assisting refugees, by providing them with their needs.

Fundraising is a fun and satisfying way to get your friends, family, and community to make a difference in the lives of deportees and displaced people worldwide. Your time and fidelity to raising finances for deportees will give them protection, shelter, health services, Education, clean water, better sanitation, and hygiene systems and defend and restore their quality. Not only will you raise pivotal finances, but you’ll also raise mindfulness for one of our time’s most significant philanthropic issues.

Collecting and telling exile stories can be a valuable tool in educating and informing the public about the state of the exile extremity. As these stories foster empathy, communities will likely remember deportees and seek to help give them relief and safety. While all the stories partake in sadness, suffering, fear, and frustration, they also provide the compendiums with sapience into the frippery, imagination, minding, and love of emigrants and deportees. These traits have allowed numerous people to escape from their motherlands and begin new lives with immense possibilities.

Refugees often need help finding employment due to a need for more knowledge on the opportunities in the host country. Job matching and job-seeking assistance are usually required to help refugees gain employment. Cultural barriers often exist in the work environment and society. Refugees often face discrimination and resistance in host countries, and refugee employment tends to be viewed as competition for citizens. Employed refugees are at risk of exploitation, particularly in countries without legal access to work.

Education protects exiled youths and teenagers from compelled reclamation into fortified groups, child labor, sexual exploitation, and child marriage. Education also strengthens network adaptability. Education empowers by giving deportees the information and bents to stay productive, satisfying, and impartial lives. Only (63%) of refugee children enrolled in primary school, compared to the global rate of (91%). The enrollment rate of refugees drops sharply in the secondary school years, with only (24%) of refugees having the opportunity to complete secondary school, much lower than the global rate of (84%). The sharp decline between the two rates in primary and secondary Education is a “direct result of the lack of funding for refugee education.”

It is essential to have organizations that assist refugees, such as distributing relief and aid. Refugees live in difficult conditions where they cannot secure the necessities of living for themselves, especially those who live in camps.

An organization providing aid to many refugees across the globe is our inspiration for today’s write-up. Be an Angel, as the organization’s name holds, the purpose is also exactly like this. Doing good for others and providing people with aid and help is all they believe in and work for.

It was founded in response to the refugee crisis that heavily affected Germany in 2015. It started with the accommodation of refugees as guests in the apartments of the Be an Angel team. At some point, over 1,600 people had been spared homelessness in this way. 

Over the years, Be an Angel has evolved into a reliable non-governmental organization that has responded to various humanitarian crises professionally and efficiently and continues to do so today.

Ever since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Be an Angel e.V. and Friends of Be an Angel, the U.S. registered counterpart, have evacuated more than 18,000 vulnerable Ukrainian civilians to safety in European Union countries. They delivered and distributed nearly 5,000 tons of in-kind donations worth over 35 million Dollars to war zones in Ukraine. These donations include medicines, medical equipment, basic foodstuffs, ambulances, and more.