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How To Find Quality Asscher Diamond

Asscher Cut Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring | 14k Recycled Gold —  Mineralogy

Diamond comes in many shapes, designs, settings and quality.  Some buyers want something unique whatever it will cost them. It can be for an engagement ring, a personal ring or a gift for some occasions. If you are planning to get something extraordinary then an asscher diamond will be a perfect choice. You can buy wholesale asscher diamonds at Shira Diamonds and to help you choose the right one here are some Q&A on How to find quality asscher diamonds.

What Is An Asscher Diamond?

Asscher cut diamonds are rare , it resembles the shape of an emerald cut but instead of a rectangular shape it is more square. They are hard to find and are not commonly sold on jewelry stores like the other diamonds. There are two kinds of asscher diamond: The one with 58 facets and not patented and the royal asscher cut which is patented and was introduced way back 2001.

 How To Find A Quality Asscher Diamond?

There are a lot of factors to consider when opting for an asscher diamonds and here are some:


Consider your budget before making a purchase since asscher diamonds are expensive because they are very rare. For instance a 1 carat asscher diamond ring can amount to $3,311. You can however set a budget and ask your jewelry for some advice on how to be able to get an asscher diamond on a budget but still the budget should be high enough to purchase one. 


For asscher diamond proportion matters a lot. An excellent asscher cut would have the following details:

Depth: 60%-65%

Table: 60%-67%

Polish/ symmetry:  Excellent -Good

Length to width: 1.00-1.05

Girdle Thickness: Very thin to slightly thick

Culet size: None

Asking an expert for opinions will be best and deal with legit jewelry stores to get the best asscher diamond. The recommended grade would be G or colorless ones will be better. 

Color & Clarity

Color grade when buying any cut of diamond should be considered, for asscher diamond color grade of G or more colorless will be best. Colorless to nearly colorless grades can make the asscher diamond shine brighter. For the Clarity VS1 or lesser inclusions clarity grade can be a good choice. Having an eye clean asscher diamond will look good since inclusion can easily be seen on the facet if there are inclusions. 

Settings an Metals 

To make the asscher diamond shine better, right settings and metal should be used.

  • Solitaire

 Solitaire rose gold can be a good combination. Solitaire settings can make the center stone standout , making a solid plain prong setting will let people see the shape of the asscher diamond. Rose gold can be pinkish and this can make the reflection of the diamond better. 

  • Pave

Pave settings on asscher diamond can make it more attractive and since asscher diamonds don’t sparkle much, pave settings can help it get more sparkle and gorgeous. Accessorizing it with smaller stones on the shank makes it appear more radiant and stunning. 

  • Halo

In halo settings the center asscher diamond is surrounded by smaller stones which makes it sparkle more. These settings can also make the shape of the center stone more noticeable. 

Combining the perfect setting s and metal can make the asscher cut diamond shine more and reveal the beauty of the diamond

Where To Purchase An Asscher Diamond?

Find a store that is certified in selling asscher cut since it is not a common shape and only those who are capable of purchasing the worth of an asscher diamond can sell them. Always check on the source and the authenticity of the asscher diamond before buying it. 

Does GIA Certify Asscher Cut Diamonds?

Yes , just like other diamond shape asscher diamonds are GIA certified as long as they are authentic then they can be certified. Diamonds without a certificate are not legit or low quality, when buying diamonds make sure it comes with a certificate. 

The guides on How to find quality asscher diamonds have already been discussed , we hope you can use this information to get the perfect asscher diamond you wish for. Make sure to get your money’s worth by consulting an expert and let them help you in checking the authenticity of the asscher diamond you want to buy.