June 17, 2024


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Inside Kamala Harris’ New Home Next Door To President Joe Biden’s


  • Vice President Kamala Harris is staying at the Blair House because Naval Observatory is still in renovation
  • Harris’ temporary home is just across the White House and is called the president’s guest house
  • Blair House is larger than the White House and has traditional and luxurious finishing

Vice President Kamala Harris is moving next door to President Joe Biden.

Harris, 56, will be leaving her home in Los Angeles and moving across the street from the White House. She will be occupying the Blair House at 1651 Pennsylvania Ave., New York Post reported. 

Usually, the vice president resides at the Naval Observatory where Mike Pence previously stayed with his family. However, the renovations have delayed Harris’ move in. So, Harris’ new home, for the time being, is the president’s guest house.

Harris will be moving into her new home with her husband, Doug Emhoff. Doing so will save her time from her daily commute to work because Blair House is within sight of the presidential digs and only three miles away from the Naval Observatory.

The 19th-century rowhouse is made of four interconnected townhouses with 119 rooms, 14 bedrooms, and 35 bathrooms. Blair House is larger than the White House and sits in a massive 60,600 square feet and the finishings throughout the home are traditional and luxurious.

The Lincoln Room is filled with letters and portraits relating to Abraham Lincoln. The room was designed by Mark Hampton when the Blair House was overhauled in the 1980s. The 16th U.S. president frequently visited the Blair House. 

Meanwhile, it also includes a Lee Drawing Room which features a rare 18th-century Chinese hand-painted wallpaper as its backdrop. The Lee dining room is painted white and looks very spacious; it is frequently used for luncheon meetings.

The Blair Drawing Rooms are part of the original 1824 Blair House and it adjoins the front Drawing Room, dining room, and garden via broad doorways. It was designed to accommodate several guests for large gatherings like weddings. In fact, Elizabeth Blair and Samuel Phillips Lee’s wedding in 1843 took place there. General William Tecumseh Sherman and Ellen Ewing’s big day was also hosted there.

Biden stayed at Blair House the night before his inauguration. It is a longstanding tradition that the presidents-elect stay at the presidential guest house prior to being sworn as commander-in-chief. The place also serves as a frequent meeting place for bilateral negotiations and high-level talks, Insider reported.

Blair House is officially managed by the State Department’s Office of the Chief of Protocol and has 18 full-time staff members who look after the place, so it is ready for visitors.

Kamala Harris is sworn in as vice president on Wednesday Kamala Harris is sworn in as vice president on Wednesday Photo: AFP / Brendan SMIALOWSKI