June 25, 2024


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Preparing For Storm Season - Nature Moms

Preparing For Storm Season – Nature Moms

If you live in an area where storms rage during the summer, you’re probably familiar with prepping for the rainy season. However, if you just moved, or you’re simply unsure how to get your home and family ready for incoming weather systems, the following three tips will help keep you safe.

Monitor Your Power

The first thing you need to do to prepare for storm season is monitor your power supply. Depending on how reliable your town’s power grid is, you may be facing multiple power outages this season. Rather than leaving your home without electricity, find a backup power supply for house before the stormy season even starts. Gadgets like a gas-powered generator, extra fuse box, or even battery supply can help keep your home running through a storm.

Squaring away the power supply for your house isn’t the only thing you need to do. Before the wet season sets in, make sure you have plenty of flashlights spread around your home that you can use if the lights go out. Additionally, keeping a stock of odorless candles will help illuminate things if you’re having issues with your generator. By working on your power ahead of time, you can make stormy season a breeze.

Stock Up Your Pantry

The second thing you need to do before the rainy season hits is stock up your pantry. Depending on the severity of the storms your community gets hit with, you may not be able to make it to a grocery store for a while. Keeping your cupboards full of nonperishables like rice, beans, and canned goods will ensure you and your family remain fed even in the wildest storms. If there’s an intense storm coming, try to avoid stocking up too much on perishable items like meat and dairy. Those foods won’t keep, and you don’t want to end up wasting food.

Along with stocking up on food, you should have a reserve of clean water in your pantry as well. Unfortunately, many storms knock out water lines and corrupt sources of drinking water. In the aftermath of heavy rain, many communities are left with polluted water. Rather than not having anything to drink, keep several cases of bottled water on hand before the storms hit. A well-stocked pantry will keep you and your family healthy through the storm.

Protect Your Animals

Finally, you should protect your animals before the storm hits. If you have pets that go outside, make sure there are no trees or shrubs that can hurt them while they do their business. Even clearing a small patch closer to the house where they can go will keep them safe. If you have livestock, attach your phone number and address to them. Whether you paint your number on their side in neon colors, attach a luggage tag to their tail, or have them microchipped, you should leave your contact info with every animal in case fences break. With your animals safe, you’ll have more peace of mind as storms rage.

Overall, stormy seasons can wreak havoc on many communities. With these tips, you can lessen the effects the rain has on your home and lifestyle.