March 4, 2024


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Savannah African Art Museum connects with past, recent traditions

Lisa Jackson is very pleased of her African-American roots. Growing up in New York, with a father who was from Georgia, she ate black-eyed peas, and watched her moms and dads entertain with a Southern hospitality that constantly appeared common. Their family would not dare enter a neighbor’s property without the need of a gift and even while the relatives did not have a whole lot, if any guests stepped foot via the doorway, they ended up made available a meal.

“I did not know I wasn’t Southern,” mentioned Jackson. “But, I wouldn’t realize the world access of that right until I was a great deal older.”

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Her subsequent go to Savannah, and her current perform as the education and workshop coordinator of the Savannah African Artwork Museum (SAAM) has served her piece lots of of these similarities jointly. She was not only Southern, she recognized her traditions experienced deep roots in African society.