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The Different Types Of Websites And How To Design Them

15 Popular Types of Websites and How to Create & Design Them

Promoting business online has been trending since more and more people are into their gadgets and technological era is growing each day. Business marketing strategy is now upgrading and business owners and companies are adjusting to make their products and services be recognized. Creating a website is one of the most common ways to build up an identity on the internet for businesses. Companies hire web design services to create websites for them. Big Easy SEO best web design service is here to help if ever you are looking for a service. For now let’s discuss the different types of websites and how to design them.

What Are The Basic Types Of Websites?

  1. Homepages 

This refers to the main page of a website, this is what viewers see when they open websites. This is where navigation keys to other pages can be seen. Main purpose of the homepage is to be able to have an organized navigation page where viewers can see what the whole website contains.

  1. Magazine Websites

Basically it is an online version of a magazine.The website focuses on promoting products. It is packed with pictures and descriptions of it. It is ideal if it can be opened to both computer and mobile devices. 

  1. E-commerce business

This type of website is an online shopping portal. Products, process, quantity available, sizes and other details needed are specified, so people can easily choose what to purchase. They can do their shopping process online, they choose, add to their online cards, pay via online portals then wait for their goods to arrive. 

  1. Blogs 

A blog is one way of promoting a company, product or services by making a write-up about it plus photos and videos are added to be more catchy. In the article it talks about the good side of the one they are promoting to boost its reputation. 

  1. Portfolio Websites 

This is used to showcase a professional , individual or company’s work. For instance web designers make their portfolio to be presented to their prospects to let them know ho =w they work and show samples of their works.

What Are The Types Of Web Designing?/What Are The Main Styles Of Designing Web Pages?

  1. Illustrative Style 

For this type of website drawings are used as the main tool in creating its design. The purpose is to reflect the concept of the company through drawings as well as attract viewers.

  1. Single Page Style

It also uses images and lesser context since the main goal is to make it simple and easy to navigate. 

  1. Minimalist 

This website retains only features that are important and removes all unnecessary ones. The main purpose is to enhance the functionality of the whole website. 

  1. Flat Web Design

It is a combination of minimalism and usability. Focusing on important features plus   with dominant and bright colors to boost up other elements.

  1. Typographical 

This type of website design focuses on the fonts used. The fonts used can affect the attractiveness of a website as well as the engagement it can get from viewers. 

What Is The Best Type Of Website?

Website that can present all the company’s good sides will be a good choice. Web designers can be able to make it for you. They can be creative and still preserve the functionality of all your elements. 

Which Type Of Websites Are Most Popular?

Blogs are loved by many since they are like stories and people love reading something about a story of someone or something. Photos and videos are also attractive to people, so they usually go to blog pages.

Which Type Of Website Is Best For Earning?

E-commerce comes first when it comes to money making websites. E-commerce focuses on selling something, so it’s earning money by the seconds. There are top ecommerce companies who really earn big time each day. 

Having knowledge in the different types of websites and how to design them can help you understand the importance of each element in the websites. This way you will know how to use them properly and   have a good discussion with your web designer on how you will be creating our website or redesign it if ever  you already have one. Websites are important since this is a representation of your company in the online world, making it attractive and engaging is just the first step towards getting your goal.