June 25, 2024


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The Importance and Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities in the Luxury Old Age Homes in Kerala

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Taking care of our ageing parents is one of our most significant duties, but sometimes it can get a bit tough to do it, especially if we are not physically present. With the passage of time, our parents’ health grows weaker, and it can be difficult for them to take care of themselves, as well as their homes and surroundings.

This is where assisted living facilities come into the picture. They provide all the care and comfort that our parents need without their wards having to be present and assist them in living a healthy, secure and comfortable life. Even though moving from a place that they have called their home for several years to old age homes in Kottayam can be challenging, the start of a new chapter can be exciting, and it also comes with a hoard of benefits. 

What are the assisted living facilities in the luxury old age homes in Kochi?

It is true that when people age, they start to lose a lot of fundamental physical and psychological functions. It is not always due to chronic illness, but geriatric conditions always creep in and reduce a lot of standard physical and mental attributes like –

● Loss of motor functions

● Nervous instability 

● Dementia 

● Forgetfulness 

● Inability to control bowel movements, etc. 

As a result, the luxury old age homes in Kottayam operating under the auspices of the Travancore Foundation have assisted living facilities in their resident quarters. People who are highly aged mostly encounter such problems listed above and the presence of dedicated nurses and personnel who can assist in every day-to-day problem that these old age people face. 

The presence of a lively youth can always have a positive impact on the people living in luxury old age homes in Kochi under the Travancore Foundation. It has resulted in the old people feeling the tinge of emotions and warmth they often think they are devoid of. It has had a very positive influence on the psychological traits of geriatric people admitted to assisted living facilities. 

In assisted living facilities, the use of smart technologies increases the productivity of personnel who are involved in taking care of elderly people. Integration with RFID tags, mobile applications, etc., help these staff to take high-end care of these old individuals and assist them in living the last few years of their lives in utmost luxury and comfort. 

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Assisted Living Facilities?

They Help Our Parents Live Dignified, Secure and Safe Lives

The various old age homes in Kottayam are equipped with all the modern equipment and facilities that can provide our parents with a safe, secure and comfortable life. It can be challenging for our ageing parents to take care of their health as well as their property with time, which is why assisted living facilities offered at the luxury old age homes in Kochi can be an excellent choice for them. They can enjoy their privacy and comfortable and convenient life without having to worry about their financial security or the safety of the premises they are living in. 

They Offer Emergency Health Care

All luxury old age homes in Kochi offer emergency health care for our parents, keeping their health and wellness a top priority. Any time they are in any sort of health crisis, a doctor is present on the premises to help them in any way they need. 

They Help To Fight Off Social Isolation

One of the most significant issues faced by our ageing parents is social isolation, which can be adequately battled at assisted living facilities. The old age homes in Kottayam and Kochi house hundreds of aged people with similar mindsets and perspectives on life, along with certified psychiatrists and psychologists to help our parents fight off social isolation. 

They Offer Social Activities and Engagement Options

Life can be pretty dull if we do not have the correct type of engagement and entertainment. A list of old age homes in Kerala offers numerous entertainment and social engagement options for our ageing relatives to keep them occupied and happy. From fun trips to movie nights, these old age homes in Kochi can be a great place for our parents to live a life of luxury and comfort. 

They Help To Set Up A Routine

With time, our ageing parents can lose hold of a regular routine in terms of eating, sleeping and exercising. There is a comprehensive list of old age homes in Kerala, like the Travancore Foundation, where they ensure that our parents can follow a simple but effective routine to keep their health in check. From eating right on time to exercising on a daily basis, they make sure that our parents are as healthy and happy as they could be.


Luxury old age homes can be a great choice for our ageing relatives as they allow them to live safe, comfortable and happy lives. There is a list of old age homes in Kerala that can take care of your ageing relatives in every way possible so that they can live an engaging, healthy and happy life there.