November 30, 2022


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Travel Nurses And Their Wages

Travel nurses have good compensation, especially now that they are in demand. Even before the pandemic season travel nurses are earning more than regularly employed nurses. So who wouldn’t want to get a travel nursing job wages when they can earn more coated with working as a regular nurse. Let’s get to know more about travel nurses and their wages. 

Different Highest-Paying Travel Nurse Specialities

Travel nurses who are assigned in departments where special skills are needed earn more. Here are some high paying travel nurses:

Labor and Delivery Travel Nurses

Women who are giving birth need the utmost attention before, during, and after giving birth. Plus the newborn baby needs to be taken care of. Nurses who work as labor and delivery nurses should have the right skill on how to handle the procedure in the pre and post-delivery process. And then should be knowledgeable giving the necessary care for the mother and the baby. The birthing process is considered an emergency since it requires immediate action, that’s why skilled nurses are usually assigned to assist women who are about to give birth. The annual salary for these types of nurses can reach an average of $65,410 per year. 

Emergency Room Nurses

Emergency rooms are often full and patients coming in here need immediate attention. Apart from skills, nurses who are assigned here need critical thinking to determine who among the patients needs immediate attention, since all patients need so they have to attend to people who need urgent action and have a more life-threatening situation. With the efforts and skills needed emergency nurses deserve to get paid higher. Salary can reach up to $65,410 a year. 

Medical-Surgery Travel Nurse

Monitoring the conditions of patients after the operation is important as well as preparing them before the surgery. Medical-surgery travel nurses resigned to monitor the vital signs and status of patients as well as change wound dressing and other necessary care the patient’s needs. Recovering patients need close monitoring to check if their body is responding well after the surgery. Excellent organization, communication, and prioritization skills are needed in this kind of nursing job. Nurses in this field can earn $65,410 annually. 

Intensive care Unit Travel Nurses

Patients in the intensive care units need 24/7 care and assistance, as well as their condition, should be monitored, especially their vitals since patients are unstable in this department. Nurses who are assigned here usually need training on several skills since they have to be able to implement procedures that are needed to stabilize the patient’s condition just in case something goes wrong. Work pressure for nurses in this department is high and they have to work the extra mile sometimes to fulfill their duties. That’s why they deserve to get paid at the rate of $73,300 per year.

Operating Room Travel Nurses 

During surgery, several doctors and nurses should work as a team to make the operation successful. Operating room travel nurses are assigned to monitor patients’ conditions as well as assist surgeons with their needs. Relevant skills are also needed as well as the ability to stay calm during the entire operation. The salary for an operating room travel nurse is $76,220 a year.  

Ways To Increase Pay As A Travel Nurse

Apart from the salary nurses are getting more incentives given by the travel nurse agency or the medical facilities as well:

House Stipend 

Travel nurses’ accommodations are often handled by the travel nurse agency. Rent expenses are not a problem for travel nurses since they are paid or they are given a housing stipend to cover their house rentals. BY having this incentive they can save money since they don’t have to pay rent. 


Travel nurses who are skilled and possess certificates can get paid higher. Due to the skills they have they can have broader areas of assignments and can perform different tasks. Which means they are paid for what they can do. Ao nurses who have specialization and are proven by certificates can earn more. 

Advanced Practice License

Nurses who have advanced practice licenses have higher rates since they can be able to perform more duties and responsibilities. They can hold management roles and handle bigger responsibilities. 

Now that you have ideas on travel nurses and their wages, you can now start your application or if you think you lack skills then continue to work and earn the necessary skills to get a higher rate once you become a travel nurse.