May 27, 2024


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Ukrainian fashion brands on what you can do to help right now


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“Any solution produced and purchased in Ukraine is a immediate help of the folks, craftsmen and financial system of Ukraine,” points out Natasha Kamenska and Maria Gavryliuk, the founders of Gunia Task. “This is the easiest way for people to make investments in Ukraine and get anything back again, so in our opinion, acquiring the goods of Ukrainian brand names and designers is a massive help.”

“Ukrainian firms are going by means of hard times, but they are battling challenging for their existence the chance to conserve careers and spend salaries to their staff members the possibility to assistance Ukrainians and build products and solutions that will make their lives simpler and fuller the chance to enable Ukraine’s overall economy.

“Gunia Task is a brand name of fantastic merchandise and extras with a aim on craft. All components are intended by hand by Ukrainian artists and are totally unique. Even in advance of the war, the deeper we delved into Ukrainian art, the additional we recognized the situation that many reliable methods are on the verge of extinction, and some have shed their last masters thanks to unpopularity and unattractiveness from a commercial place of perspective.

“The motivation to conserve and spread knowledge about the uniqueness of Ukrainian folk crafts, to make them pertinent and fascinating for the more youthful technology, led to the founding of Gunia Undertaking. Inspiring and rethinking folk art, we create contemporary design objects, and we want to present that handicrafts can be related, and quite paid out, and the items can be trendy.

“We talk to the entire world vogue community to help our initiative and convey to [the story of] Ukrainian artisans, historical past and tradition, which is continually evolving. We also want to emphasise that the war is not in excess of however and each and every donation can help save someone’s existence.”


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