May 23, 2024


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Architect Rem Koolhaas Designed an Enormous Paper House for Prada’s Latest Runway Show


When friends took their seats for the Spring 23 Prada runway clearly show on Sunday, they discovered that they have been sitting on chairs manufactured of sturdy cardboard planks. The seating was arranged inside of a mock dwelling, with oversized doors and window cutouts during, and monumental white sheets of paper hanging from the ceiling. The flooring, brown and efficiently textured, appeared destined for the recycling bin. The full issue appeared like an architect’s product blown up to monumental sizing.

The set was the latest collaboration among Prada and Rem Koolhaas, the 77-yr-previous Dutch architect. Since 2004, Koolhaas has masterminded the conceptually rich areas in which Miuccia Prada demonstrates her perform, an intriguing partnership involving two of the most influential designers in their respective fields. Mrs. Prada is an mental whose collections invite loving contemplation, and Koolhaas, who has designed renowned properties like the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, intends for his areas to do the same. More than the program of his 18-12 months partnership with Mrs. Prada, whom he fulfilled in 1999 when she requested him to redesign her suppliers, Koolhaas and his firm OMA have utilized rigorous creativity to the runway. With each other, they have: established modular and dispersed seating arrangements to issue the front row pecking buy projected pretend advertisements driving the catwalk and produced some of the COVID era’s most immersive and stunning video clip-present sets.

Courtesy of Prada

A week just before the demonstrate, Koolhaas, together with OMA venture architect Giulio Margheri, allowed GQ a exceptional peek into their resourceful process—which, as they explained, primarily operates in parallel with Mrs. Prada’s (and now Raf Simons’s) have. Before Koolhaas and Margheri started doing work on the Spring 23 place, they were instructed that the themes of the season have been “naivety, childhood and simplicity,” as Margheri place it in a Zoom contact. Which is how they located their way to paper, the duo stated in a comply with-up e mail: “Paper is a easy materials, but it permits us to articulate an intention it is the standard surface onto which we convey our concepts. In this undertaking we wanted to explore its traits as an architectural factor, just about like small children would give condition to their creativity.”

Like Mrs. Prada, Koolhaas sees his imaginative follow as intimately linked to politics and social movements. The use of humble and 100% recyclable materials this period, he said, grew out of a “particular kind of resistance to luxurious.” Which might feel ironic, thinking about the products strode out wearing trim wool suiting and little leather-based shorts which will retail for numerous hundreds of pounds. But Koolhaas isn’t in the business enterprise of marketing apparel he’s in the organization of, as he and Margheri set it, “conveying a temper, projecting a mentality.” They elaborated: “We’ve generally shared with Prada a selected resistance to squander in the design of the present spaces…Now, much more than at any time in latest situations, the idea of luxury finds by itself at odds with the rising costs of fuel, meals and construction products. In a earth exactly where aggression is turning out to be more and more current, we wanted to build a area that conveys softness and modesty.”


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