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Bomb Boutique You Should Know: Chéri the Label

Bomb Boutique You Should Know: Chéri the Label

In our everlasting pursuit to bring you the freshest, most unique and luxe brands at an accessible price point without compromising on design and A1 quality, in today’s boutique spotlight we are introducing you bombshells to Chéri the label. This young brand founded in 2020 by Miss Sierra Leone Adama Chérif will become your new obsession as quickly as it became our’s at Fashion Bomb Daily. Discover her catalogue, get to know the brand and the designer behind it all as we dive into her diverse background and stylistic point of view!

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Fashion Bomb Daily: Hi Adama! Thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself. I read in a blog that even though you are a designer by nature, your start was in finance by trade?

Adama Chérif: I have a strong accounting background and that’s where my love for managing my own business came from. I actually started off modelling since I was 16, I’ve been in a lot of fashion shows at NY and Philly fashion week, and I also have a background in pageantry with Miss Sierra Leone. A lot of those things introduced me to the fashion world and I was introduced to a lot of designers, specifically in the NY area which developed by interest in wanting to pursuit fashion. Every time I’d walk in a show I’d love it, but sometimes I would think to myself “Oh but if they were to do something like this instead, it could be even better!”, so I was like how about I create my own brand with my background in accounting. It was a two in one kind of thing with both of my passions.

Photo: Steve Korn

FBD: As you know, we’re big fans of your label Chéri! For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about the brand?

AC: The sole purpose of Chéri is to redefine fashion, redefine style by allowing everyone to express themselves through fashion. And what I mean is I believe everyone should have the freedom to express themselves whether its through fashion or any way, shape or form. For me it’s fashion, that’s how I’m able to walk into a room and be like “Yes, I’m that girl.”

So our brand is focused on body positivity and we don’t conform to any stereotypes. I want everyone, including tall girls, to be comfortable enough to wear anything and not feel like we have to adjust something such as our pants not being long enough. Or for being thicker women, not feeling comfortable in their clothes because of the way it may fit them. I listen to the Chéri Babes, when they comment under something. I’ll see people say “could you go for bigger sizes”, and one of the most important things for me was tall woman, because I’m tall myself. I found it very hard to find pants that fit right or a shirt, with long sleeve that fit too short. And so I was like, you know, I think we need more tall things for people like me, which is where it started. Then I dived into thicker women to expand my horizons a little more. Right now we cater to 5’6 +, leaving enough excess at the bottom to extend the hem, and we’re expanding up to a size XXL.

FBD: What are some of your design influences and inspirations?

AC: I create some of my designs and I wholesale some. If I can’t find it in the wholesale world, I’ll make it myself! I have a thing for monochromatic colors, that’s how I came up with the Viola Set.

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FBD: Tell us about the ‘Rabi’ collection and what this line of accessories signifies to you.

AC: My mission with that was to promote racial equality, that’s how I started with the black, white and brown. My circle is very diverse, yet I’ve been in situations as a young professional where I was the one who got picked at, so the influence behind ‘Rabi’ was to celebrate those differences and not have to feel like we’re an outcast in those situations. I want my brand to also have a statement and purpose behind it. We launched ‘Rabi’ earlier this year launch, and the name comes from my middle name. Rabi was the one name I was made fun of some reason! So, I was like okay, since you think it’s funny, I’ll make this the name for what I create!

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FBD: How has fashion changed in your point of view since you started Chéri?

AC: Fashion is very fast. Things can go in and out of style in a minute which is why I’m kind of diving into making timeless fashion so you can wear it years from now. With things opening back up since launching in 2020, I am also planning on diving into more statement pieces, things people can wear to events.

FBD: Where do you see Chéri in 5 to 10 years from now?

AC: In the next couple years, I’d like to get more pop-up shops out there and 5 years from now, I’d consider doing a major fashion show. With my experience in the international pageantry world, I want to also put more emphasis there with the pageant girls too! I definitely see Chéri being a more international brand down the line!

Here are some of our absolute favorite pieces, available exclusively at Chéri!

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Be sure to follow Chéri on Instagram @shopcherillc for all their latest collection drops and activities!

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