February 29, 2024


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Choosing the right smocked top or dress.

Everyone has different body shapes, likes or dislikes with clothing, and personal styles regarding fashion garments. So when choosing the right smocked garment, one should consider some things. Some websites like Frank and Eileen offer various clothing options and a style and fabric guide to assist one when choosing the correct smocked top dress or additional garments. 

What does smocked mean?

Smocked garments mean that the fabric has been sewn in a way that is bunched up with elastic threads running through it, resulting in the garment being stretchable, and it usually caters to various body types. Smocked items are flattering to most and give a very feminine look usually. Due to the stretchiness of the elastic, it is very comfortable and not constricting to wear. Smocking is typically used in dresses and tops. In addition, smocking is used on necklines, waistlines, sleeves, and the front or back of bodices.

All about smocked dresses

Before purchasing a smocked dress, one should consider some aspects, such as style, color, material, and even length. Smocked dresses are available in maxi dress style (usually long and made from linen, cotton, or polyester), midi dress style (slightly shorter style showing off one’s legs a bit), and the mini dress style (consists of a hemline above one’s knees). Most smocked dresses are made of wool, linen, or cotton. The dress is designed to be lightweight and comfortable. Chiffon-smocked dresses are difficult to find, but they make one look very luxurious if worn. The dresses are designed to draw attention to various aspects of a woman’s body, so looking at styles like pleats, puffy sleeves, and so on should be considered when finding the ideal dress for one’s body type. For example, a curvy person may not want the dress with all the wrinkles and creases as it will make them appear larger. Once the dress style is chosen, one can accessorize with different jewelry items and shoes.

The ins and outs of smocked tops

Similar principles apply when choosing the correct styled smocked top, as the material, style and fabric should also be considered. When purchasing a top, one must consider what types of bottoms people can pair the tops with. For example, one will not pair a longer-style top with a skirt or flared pants. Smocked tops are flattering and hug one figure while still hiding flawed areas because of the rough texture of the fabric used. People can wear smocked tops over or under other items due to their lightweight fabric. Tops will generally be smocked in the neckline to keep the top on one’s shoulders, on the bodice by the chest, at the end of the sleeves of a top, or something simple like a band bringing the bottom of the shirt in. Colors are another aspect one can look at; for example, brighter colors suit some more than pastel colors. Thus, research and try various styles and colors before deciding what type works for you. Remember that the overall look, fit, and comfort are essential when buying an outfit.