June 22, 2024


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Confessions of a School Reformer with Author Dr. Larry Cuban


Larry Cuban is Professor Emeritus in Training at Stanford College. He recently wrote Confessions of a College Reformer, an educational background and personalized memoir of his life that commences with his childhood in university in Pittsburgh, then proceeds by his a long time as a instructor and faculty administrator, and concludes with his views on the present day.

Larry joins host Mike Palmer in a discussion about his 87 many years of practical experience with education commencing in the Progressive Period, continuing through the Civil Legal rights Motion, and concluding in the existing day the place the Specifications-Dependent Reform motion proceeds to predominate. Larry offers assistance to educators, administrators and faculty reformers, reminding us that improve tends to come slowly in universities since generally talking they are conservative establishments. Larry encourages us to target on the immediate effect of educators on college students in the classroom and to comprehend the background of faculty reform and academic policy to assistance navigate the challenges and complexities of the latest educational landscape.

It’s a intelligent and informed discussion about how modify occurs in universities in the US that you won’t want to skip.

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