September 24, 2023


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Danish Sait’s Film Entertains, In Parts

About The Film

‘One Slash Two Cut’ is a tale of an innocent arts and craft trainer Gopi and his come across with a not-so-terrifying group of kidnappers with a mission. The comedy hostage drama has a satirical undertone to it, as it tried to revisit ’cause with a rebel’ philosophy but with the define of comedy. Even however its a digital release, very good emphasis is presented to the qualifications rating and new music of the movie. Director Vamsidhar Bhogaraju has attempted to give focus to element when it comes to the established of the film. The film has thrilling moments too, but they are inconsistent. The movie’s commencing is promising and especially Sait’s character introduction. A person instantaneously develops a smooth place for the arts and craft teacher who is gearing up to start off his initially day at a faculty. On the other hand, the fast improve in frames and introduction of other people will not give more than enough time to the viewer to join with Gopi’s character. Samyukta Hornad stars as a trainer in the similar university and has sent her section convincingly. Prakash Belawadi is the ‘antagonist’, named Pruthviraj and can safely and securely be identified as the shining star of the film. His detest for celebrity Amitabh Bachchan is frustrating nevertheless entertaining. His character irritates you and somewhere in some corner of your heart also helps make you pity him.

What is Scorching?
All the people in the film, main and supporting, have supplied good performances. The tale is gripping from time to time and is a thing you can binge on. Sait and Belwandi characters are perfectly outlined. They engage in their element perfectly, crank out feelings in you as you go alongside with them. The background rating of the film, even however it really is not an action film, amazingly sets the tone of the film. Plainly, much interest to element has been specified to it. The film has its higher factors, thrills which can be appreciated by the audience. The film is not in Kannada language during, building it less complicated for the audience globally to realize the film. There are particular references to other films and actors which add a punch.

What is Not?
The motion picture commences off in a promising way, but somewhere it loses it’s momentum. As a viewer one does sense dissatisfied when it will become difficult to join with the figures. The introduction of much too significantly character in a haphazard way confuses the viewer. The narrative of the movie is not gripping the consideration of the audience frequently.  There is a specified regional stereotyping concerning the kidnappers team, which honestly appeared avoidable considering it will be obtainable to viewers in Delhi, Hyderabad and literally everybody in the entire world.

‘One Slice Two Cut’ is a film you can observe with your family to pass your time. When there was far too considerably expectation, there was as well little delivered. The constant highs and lows in the movie look really abrupt. The film appeared to have a large amount of opportunity but still left significant loopholes in the creating. Even so, Gopi’s story warrants a chance, Pruthviraj’s anger warrants a possibility and let us just accept that at the conclusion, artwork often saves the day!