November 30, 2022


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Ep 110 Art Reference Finding it and Creating your Own


In today’s podcast episode we’re likely to talk about locating art reference and creating your very own.

Ep 110 Art Reference Finding it and Creating your Own


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I choose doing work from my possess reference photographs

For me, I considerably prefer creating my very own reference to get the job done from, regardless of whether which is from my creativity, from sketches I’ve done, from a continue to daily life daily life established up I have produced, or from a photo I have taken of my personal personalized issues. I also choose the issue to be something that relates directly to me.

It would be substantially less difficult for me to uncover large quality reference shots on copyright free of charge internet sites, this kind of as unsplash, or Pixabay and they would be much far better photos than any image I could take… I indicate I’m no photographer! But I just favor the emotion that the entire procedure has been my individual generation, from begin to complete. If I never do it that way, then it just doesn’t feel the very same.

That’s not to say there’s nearly anything completely wrong with doing the job from copyright totally free reference, I mean that is what these web pages are there for. And they are really useful for individuals who for what ever rationale are restricted as to how a great deal they can get out out and about. But I’m not limited, so I just select to obtain my individual.


I preserve meaning to just take a lot more photos, the fantastic detail with phones presently is we have a actually superior camera in our pockets most of the time. So it’s a superior thought to continue to keep a lookout for matters you might want to snap.


Having your very own pictures for reference

If you see a thing intriguing, make positive you get a picture of it. Have a selection for upcoming reference. I have a folder on my Apple iphone named ‘Inspiration’ and which is exactly where I file all those photo’s. And that way, when I’m looking for factors to paint, I’ve received a starting issue. I may well not pick to function from any of those people shots, but they can still give me strategies for new paintings.


I recall just one artist telling me that often she walks down the road with her mobile phone in her palms wanting like she is carrying out something on it and snaps photographs of folks. Obviously, this isn’t a fantastic idea if you plan to promote the paintings. And I am not certain if I would have the nerve to do this, would you?


Adjust your images with an app

You can usually regulate your pictures if you are good with picture-store or apps, or use your artistic licence as I do to make the painting as you want it to be. So even if you do just take snap-shots of people on the avenue, you can generally improve the color of their hair, their garments, you could transform the form of their nose… By accomplishing that, you cannot get in any difficulty.


Adjust the reference a little bit

If you are going to provide your paintings to be on the harmless side it is likely finest to improve up the picture a little bit. I paint and attract faces quite abstractly so generally no-a single would know the picture I have employed, but it is far more an problem if you attract realistically


Incorporate Photos

You could also incorporate a couple pictures and use people a reference – But if you do that, you do have to be mindful that the light should be falling in the exact same route, in any other case it will not make perception.

For me, I may just take a number of photo’s and locate that I like various bits of each and every, for distinct causes, so in that circumstance I often use distinctive images to generate a person painting.


Lewis Rossignol has explained that he does just that.

If you are just drawing for practice I do not feel it issues what you use. If you are painting or drawing to market you have to be a bit more careful. Copyright is a minefield. We have an episode on copyright for artists with an IP attorney exactly where we go pinto this a little bit additional – Episode 56


Will there be similar drawings to yours?

As we claimed previously, there are a lot of no cost reference websites on the net, like Unsplash or Pixabay, and the pictures are truly superior quality.

But what you must take into account, is that if you use a free photograph online, the likelihood are that other artists have carried out the identical. So, there may be a number of extremely identical drawings to yours out there.

Individually I feel it’s pleasant to be unique.That way you know that no person else has finished the actual exact image.

Possibly that, or as we mentioned right before, change the image… Change things about, engage in with the colour… There is a good deal you can do that would make anyone elses reference grow to be as substantially your perform in the conclusion as theirs.


Use royalty no cost visuals and spend any service fees demanded

If you are likely to use other peoples photographs, opt for royalty free images and if there is a cost pay out it rather than just drawing off the display, except of study course it is just for practice.

I really don’t believe we can worry also much about it but even if you use royalty no cost photos there could however be problems. If you set a photograph of someone’s experience on a single of these web sites you really should actually have a model release which is a form that says that the particular person agrees for you to consider their picture and use it for this intent.


Ask buddies and spouse and children for their photos

You could also ask buddies and spouse and children if they have photos you can attract from. If possibly you appreciate painting various areas and they’ve been on holiday getaway, then check with if you can see some of their photos and use all those for reference.

Or, if persons ar your matter, you could ask them to model for you!


There are web sites like Paint my Picture in which individuals have uploaded their images without the need of copyright restrictions


Credit the photographer

If you do operate from another person elses impression, it’s also good to give credit rating to the man or woman who took the picture. You’re not obliged to, but I think it is awesome to at minimum say many thanks.

Obtain images for inspiration

We do not always will need to uncover reference that we want to function from literally.

Occasionally it is just nice to acquire inspiration and thoughts for future do the job.

That might be hunting at other artists’ function, or it can be accumulating pictures of subjects you like to paint. Or you could even come across reference in your old sketchbooks.

Reference does not generally suggest images. You may possibly even have written some concepts down in your sketchbook. Sketchbooks aren’t for just drawing! Produce issues down if you do not have time to sketch them.

I generate concepts down on my white board exactly where it’s in plain view on my studio wall. Which is just as valuable as any picture is. In fact for me, in some cases that works superior, since then I never have a preset strategy in my head. Alternatively my creativity performs a substantial element in my remaining set up. Because I’ve thought about it, instead of just viewing it.

The other factor I do is I gather factors that catch my eye. For illustration that crushed coke can I just completed painting… That’s a can I practically threw in the bin a handful of months in the past, until eventually I realised it makght make an intriguing topic to paint just one day. But, it could be anything… a scrap of material, a beer mat, an abnormal bottle… anything that you see that could possibly encourage you later on on. I have acquired a total cupboard just for points like that in my studio.


We have a few of weblog posts – one particular on spots to locate experience reference pictures and another on pose reference. We have also put collectively some totally free pdfs with royalty free of charge hand reference, faces and animals that you can down load when you indication up for our e-newsletter.

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