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Ep 111 Is It Time to Evolve your Art Style?

Ep 111 Is It Time to Evolve your Art Style?


In today’s artwork podcast we ask “Is time to evolve your art model?”

Ep111 is it time to evolve your art style

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It appeared appropriate to converse about this now due to the fact Sandra’s at a bit of a crossroads and we both of those often try out to share our possess experiences as artists with you.


When may it be time to Evolve Your Artwork Type?

What are the inform tale signs that you’re completely ready to evolve, or even alter way entirely?

Effectively I think the initially sign is when your operate feels too straightforward and you no more time come to feel challenged by it.

Now I do not know about you, but I like a little bit of a challenge and 1 of the issues I established myself a lengthy time in the past was to study to paint. And I can do that. And I enjoy it. The challenge is, that when I reach a goal, I come to feel I require to go the aim submit so I’m often producing some variety of a progression. If you do not do that, then things start out having a little bit as well easy. And when that comes about, you lose that perception of accomplishment when you have designed one thing new.

And I guess that when you by now know what your completed piece will look like, just before you even get started it, then there is no puzzle to it anymore, and that puzzle is half the enjoyable,


  • When you miss out on ‘learning’ – what we necessarily mean by this is you have already mastered what you have been performing to a fantastic degree and come to feel the have to have to discover a little something new and make new discoveries.
  • When you have overlooked what a joyful incident feels like – When you know specifically what you are accomplishing you get fewer issues and so you really don’t get those people happy accidents. I simply cannot inform you how considerably I enjoy a delighted accident. It has certainly led me to the work I build now.
  • When you find other people’s artwork a lot more remarkable than your own – Your likes and dislikes could be shifting more than time. Perhaps the art you made use of to like is not the very same as what you like now.
  • When you just truly feel ‘in a rut’ – In some cases you just require to make a change for the reason that you are a bit bored.


When I have got a portray on the go, I’m commonly itching to get to it.

Which is an obvious signal that I’m loving the process and I’m savoring what I’m undertaking.

But if you locate oneself procrastinating amongst paintings, and choosing that cleaning the rest room is additional essential, that may possibly be a indication that you have to have to transform issues up a minor bit.

Now of course it could also be a sign that you are frightened to are unsuccessful, in which circumstance that is not a time to shake items up, that’s a time to stick with what your accomplishing right up until you have nailed it.


  • When you envy the way other artists tactic their personal function – that may well just mainly because simply because you see the flexibility their design and style enables them to perform in. I applied to search at Lewis Rossignol’s perform and be very envious of how cost-free he appeared to be in his artwork.
  • When you want to get missing in your portray and feel “in the zone” but your present-day model feels too methodical – When I employed to paint the quite vibrant faces at 1st it was hard and exciting, but I could in no way truly drop myself in them and be absolutely expressive. Switching how I worked gave me the feeling I wanted when producing my art.


When you experience that you have turn out to be much too predictable, that is a further sign to attempt a thing different. And it does not necessarily mean you have to adjust your fashion. It may possibly just suggest you want to test a new issue or a new medium. Or maybe you just want to incorporate an exciting component to your paintings.

When you hold producing the exact same form of art since you truly feel you should, because that’s what your collectors or followers are anticipating, then there is that threat of turning out to be a bit predictable. And it is way a lot more vital that you follow your possess route as an artist, than to do what everyone thinks you ought to be undertaking. The worst factor you could do is come to be bored of your individual operate, since it will present.


There are also excellent causes NOT to adjust your art design and style

Really don’t evolve your design and style to you should some others – maybe a person has claimed to you that your art is very common or on the other excessive a little bit “out there” in a not extremely complementary way. Possibly they have prompt you ought to improve your art a bit. Really do not do it except if you concur with them. Art will often be superior if you make the artwork you like.


You never have to have to ‘change’ your style… There is a variance involving evolving and modifying. This is naturally crucial if you are a providing artist and you are recognised for one thing in particular.

I was wanting at some get the job done by Christian Hook the other day in a Gallery, and I discovered that he’d started including random textual content to some of his latest get the job done, which I hadn’t viewed from him before…

There had been a few other factors that were being distinct to his regular approach… But what was clever is that the ‘bones’ of the function were even now extremely definitely his… He had just extra some exciting points to his paintings which gave them that element of surprise.


You may well not even need to evolve your artwork design and style, maybe you just need to have a temporary transform. To consider a little something new and see if it is a direction you want to go after.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you have to modify your fashion eternally. It may well just suggest that you experiment and occur back again to what you are doing with refreshing eyes. Or perhaps you might just incorporate one particular issue from your experiments.


Strategy for evolving your art design and style

If you do truly feel that you are all set to evolve your artwork model try out shifting slowly but surely

If you go much too radical, you may possibly obtain on your own experience like a newbie again and that could lead to you to get rid of your confidence, and you seriously want to steer clear of that..


Pursuing on from higher than – modify a person matter at a time, ie really don’t quickly swap from watercolour landscapes to summary oil paintings, except of class it’s anything you always needed to check out or you really feel like a totally radical improve.


If your not confident where by to commence, set oneself a problem to do one thing you have always wished to check out but have been scared to in scenario you unsuccessful. Or uncover an present art problem to assistance you uncover new items, and of course we have obtained loads of problems to select from on our website, so get a seem if you have not by now.


Acquire a study course, perhaps just one with numerous academics to get new inspiration. Remember that it’s usually greater to obtain inspiration from various sources. You don’t want to duplicate a different artist’s style. In its place, you want to get things from loads of different places


If you choose to make a alter, then give by yourself authorization for it to go wrong!

It may possibly choose a though to get your head about what your trying to realize. So never anticipate your initial number of tries to be as properly gained as your usual operate. It will acquire a little bit of time.


  • Be well prepared to wreck a painting, If you do the job on something new and it begins becoming also managed, don’t be fearful to ruin it by striving a thing new on it.
  • Above all, be courageous. Mainly because if you are at that crossroads, if you really do not alter course now, when will you?

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