May 23, 2024


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Everything One Needs to Know About FacFox

Edi Weigh is one the most passionate CEOs in China, as he has been the main reason behind the rise of Facfox. Edi was in the printing business ten years before Facfox. Edi and his college roommate Mr. Seven Tang (Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer), set the company’s ideology. These two had a combined experience of over 20 years before opening this business. 

They started with just an inspiration after coming to know the capability of the 3D printer. The potential they saw in the creative and manufacturing industry led them to create a workshop that provided customized 3D printing services. In 2013 they gave birth to a dream that they had seen. Shortly after a couple of years, they saw themselves competing with the big guns in the market, and after years of tireless work, they have managed to expand as now Facfox offers to deliver their product worldwide. 

Their expansion has been associated with partnerships with brands like CraftCloud (All3DP), Treatstock, and PCBway. These collaborations have helped Edi and his team develop even more and improve their quality through each passing year. They are known through the market due to various factors. They have come a long way from where they started. But there are multiple factors in how they managed to obtain success. 

High-Quality Services

Facfox revolves around the high-profile services that they offer. They provide customers with over 100 material options to choose from. Such versatility helps clients with comprehensive solutions to their printing problems. They ensure to eliminate the fragmented process and the pain in product development. 

Moreover, their team provides customers with free maintenance and inspection to make the client feel valued. The care and empathy shown by Edi and his team have been impressive to every customer. Their services are not just limited to 3D printing; instead, they also offer services like

  • CNC milling service
  • Urethane casting service
  • Injection molding service
  • Laser cutting service 
  • Metal casting service
  • Surface treatment and post-production   
  • Custom painting service
  • 3D designing and 3D-reconstruction

Easy Working Process

  • Upload design 
  • Inspection & Manufacturability feedback 
  • Place Order 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Quality Check 
  • Delivery

Affordable prices 

Facfox offers the most affordable prices compared to the market. These prices are primarily due to the versatile materials they provide as multiple options, making it an easier choice for the customer. Your material selection leads to instant quotations for the client as the company uses the Insta3DP auto quotation 3D printing system. Moreover, to make life easier for their customers, Facfox offers pricing plans that help clients to purchase 3d printers without having the headache of prices. 

Edi aims to empower the designers to realize their creation by making the custom manufacturing process easier, faster, and cheaper while benefiting small-medium sizes factories by integrating their capacities into FacFox’s intelligent elastic digital manufacturing network. He sees designers and engineers as potential world changers when creating a custom manufacturing process. 

Facfox has been climbing the world ladder and is forecasted to be the focal point in the manufacturing marketplace. Their story is a classic example of how dreams can become a reality.