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Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day 2022

Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day 2022


In a business setting, here is the same graphic solution from my Americana Poster series, “America the Beautiful.” These posters hang and read well in almost any setting. In this case, there is a luxurious matte enhancing the red, white and blue image. A silver-colored frame provides a neutral tone against the wall to set the print off in a strong and distinguished fashion. 

I recall getting a note from a soldier in Iraq in the Green Zone who was so happy someone in his family had sent him one of these “Who We Are,” images to hang in his tent. A teacher hung one in her class room and wrote to tell me about it. Another friend hangs his to this day in the office, in the main lobby. I am moved by these gestures off support and interest in this topic. Bear in mind, too, that if your company or non-profit would like to offer these posters to staff, customers or vendors, I can add your logo at a discreet size in the lower right hand corner. You will be sent a proof to approve prior to printing. Brand your Americana posters! 

Note, starting 02/15, just after Valentine’s Day, we’ll introduce a FLASH SALE, offering $20% off any single print with sign-up, good thru President’s Day, 02/21/22. Check it out! 

You may fine my new NFT art (non-fungible tokens) of interest, seen here on Rarible. Videos can now be seen on Youtube. A variety of sound files are posted to Soundcloud. Art blogs are included on Anchor. All of this can be seen on Linktree. Thank you for all your support. 

Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day 2022


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