July 19, 2024


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Practical Strategies in 90 Seconds or Less

Practical Strategies in 90 Seconds or Less

I never saw myself as a writer until I started blogging back in March 2010. It all began with goal setting for the Google Teacher Academy for Administrators, and I haven’t looked back. Consistency has been vital for me, as I have published a post every week since. Therein lies the dilemma I am currently facing. The struggle is real in my case when it comes to finding new topics to blog about or adding an innovative spin to already-prevalent concepts. I find myself spending an immense amount of time just to churn out 500 words. Upon reflection, this might be one sign to change things up a bit. The time has come for me to challenge my personal status quo. 

In a world where multimedia content is virtually at everyone’s fingertips, written content that dives into concepts and strategies might not have the same impact as it once did. Attention spans are not what they used to be, and this is something we all need to be cognizant of when sharing ideas. In the digital age, brevity is virtue when it comes to processing and implementing strategies. Upon further reflection—and so I can grow—I decided to dedicate more time to developing short video clips in lieu of blogging each week. I will not stop writing regularly because I still see immense value in the process, but I plan to change my routine and shift to a bi-weekly schedule. Every other week I will share a simple, practical strategy that educators can use right away *in 90 seconds or less* called #EDvice. I have to give credit to my ICLE colleague Matt Thouin for coming up with the hashtag, which I feel is quite catchy.

Leveraging my current experiences in classrooms, schools, and districts working with educators, my plan is to articulate one strategy from the following three-step perspective:

  • Why is this strategy important?
  • How can it be readily implemented?
  • What could it look like in practice?

For my first clip, I decided to share some advice on developing choice boards. (Special thanks to Dan MacCracken, another ICLE colleague, who edited and tweaked my raw video.)  During a recent coaching visit with Quest Academy Junior High School, l I observed teachers readily implementing strategies that we’d collaborated on over the course of the year. Hats off to Principal Nicki Slaugh for following through on the feedback I provide after each visit. The video below shares a practical strategy educators can use when developing effective choice boards:

While I’d dabbled in video content in the past, I believe that returning to this medium now is coming at the right time for me—and hopefully it is for you, too. Ultimately, I want to expand the opportunities for us to connect around our daily, meaningful work and amplify conversations between educators to elevate our practice one behavior at a time. On that note, I invite you to send me your own ideas, questions, and wonderings for #EDvice—what’s on your mind? I look forward to hearing from you—thanks, as always.