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The 5 best weekend getaways in Europe for 2023

The 5 best weekend getaways in Europe for 2023

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Europe is a beautiful place for anyone looking for a quick getaway. Especially with travel restrictions lifted and the world getting back to normal, Europe can be the ideal destination for anyone to blow off some steam and spend time away from all things crazy. So if you are craving one or more weekend getaways in Europe, keep reading! 

But, if you are lost for a time, balancing your work and other commitments, don’t be demotivated because the two days on the weekend are more than enough to enjoy time off. Most people who work full-time think they can only travel during their holidays, but in fact, you can do a lot on a weekend getaway in Europe and save your holiday days for a bigger adventure, like Thailand or Indonesia

Another option is to add a day or two to your city break in Europe, let’s say Friday and Monday. Then you can do, see, experience and relax way more. It doesn’t matter if you only have two days or a long weekend, these top 5 European getaways will make you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for a new week,

Here’s a look at the top 5 weekend getaways in Europe, we’ve done and recommend. 

Pro-tip: Be sure to check on your passport’s validity before you start planning because you don’t want to make plans only to find an expiring passport. If the passport is expiring soon, Travel Visa Pro can get your passport renewed in time for the trip, and you can contact them here

The 5 best weekend getaways in Europe

London is one of the best destinations for a city break in Europe.
London is the perfect destination for one or more weekend getaways in Europe.

1- London – United Kingdom 

It goes without saying – London is always the #1 destination for a quick European getaway and is an easy 1st place in the top 5 list. You’ll never run out of options in London – so many places to visit with the best views, fabulous restaurants, and houses the best bars in Europe. 

Be inspired to plan your London city break, read our guides:

Paris is an excellent destination for a city break in Europe.
Paris is always a good idea!

2 – Paris – France

Another city that goes alongside London is Paris, and it is one of the best weekend trips in Europe you can take if you love the city and the musing. 

During summer, Paris can feel even more magical. Apart from the usual sightings – the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Arc De Triomphe, you find few of the world’s best culinary experiences.  

Here are some tips to plan your Europe city break in Paris:

Budapest deserves more than 2 days, but if only have a weekend don't worry. It's also a cheap city breaks in Europe.
We love Budapest! For us, it’s one of the top European city breaks.

3 – Budapest – Hungary 

Budapest can take you on a cultural excursion if you have a slightly higher spend. There’s so much to do in Budapest, and trust us – you’ll not find enough time on the weekend to do all of it, but you can make it to all the important ones. 

Famed for its culture and the beautiful buildings, you’ll find several dream-like places for the gram’. The city itself is enchanted, and a picnic in City Park or a cycling tour around the city won’t cost you too much. 

The city also hosts some of the best five-star accommodations. However, if you are on a budget, there are plenty of hotels at affordable rates a few miles away from the city. 

Follow these tips to plan your Budapest city break:

If you are searching for ideas for city breaks in Europe, you come to the right guide. Florence is one of our suggestions for a Cultural weekend getaway in Europe.
Florence breathes art and culture.

4 – Florence – Italy

The city of Florence is magically – so magical that you’ll want to keep coming back every weekend. Florence is the home for most of the Renaissance masterpieces, and you can spend time in numerous museums across the city. 

Beyond the monuments, it is also home to a vibrant culture accommodating opera, classical music, and some of the most exquisite wines. Florence also has lively nightlife for you for your Saturday night.

Plan your European weekend getaway with these Florence travel tips:

Barcelona is one of the op European city breaks you can have. Especially during spring and summer.
Barcelona is perfect for travelers who love the outdoors, culture, food and fun!

5 – Barcelona – Spain 

There’s no other city quite like Barcelona – the fantastic sights and the exciting restaurants make it one destination you need to travel to. Barcelona is built differently – it is one of the destinations where the beach and the mountains come together in peace. 

While you indulge in the city’s beauty, you have a choice – the scenic mountains or the serene beaches. Whichever choice you make, you’ll not be disappointed. 

Read these guides and plan a perfect weekend in Barcelona:

Did you like these ideas for weekend breaks in Europe? Where are you planning to go? Share your thoughts and if you need extra info, drop us a message.

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Here is a list of the best weekend getaways ideas for those who love Europe. We have everything covered from culture, food, architecture, nature, and fun, and you’re going to love these Europe city breaks. We share our favorite destinations for a weekend trip in Europe and practical tips to explore each of the incredible places.
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