July 18, 2024


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The 7 days In advance: A new pandemic substantial for a sleepy giant | Business enterprise

The 7 days In advance: A new pandemic substantial for a sleepy giant | Business enterprise

It took place past 7 days. The curiosity price on the benchmark 10-year authorities bond moved earlier mentioned 1 % for the very first time given that the pandemic took keep of the U.S. in March. It is a breach of a psychological degree that bears observing in the week forward.

Bond prices shift down when curiosity rates move up, so better market place interest prices symbolize marketing stress setting up in the bond industry. The enormity of the bond market generally is overshadowed by the flashier stock current market. The $20 trillion Treasury market place is the foundation of worldwide financial commitment markets, corporate and customer borrowing, and the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve forex.

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Financial journalist Tom Hudson hosts “The Sunshine Economy” on WLRN-FM in Miami, where he is the vice president of news. He is the former co-anchor and managing editor of “Nightly Business Report” on public television. Follow him on Twitter @HudsonsView.