May 20, 2024


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The Wonderful World of Wheels (1966)

The Wonderful World of Wheels (1966)

The Wonderful World of Wheels (1966)

Ryan’s great discussion starter about plastics in early hot rods, customs and race cars, and that reminded me of one of the early pioneers of bubble top plastic domes on customs, Bill Cushenbery. His very first scratch-built creation was the iconic ‘Silhouette’ which went on to be a multiple-show winner, a Hot Wheel, and an AMT model kit. Bill built it as a completely driveable, roadworthy creation, and that’s why it was featured in this CBS TV Special from September of 1966 called ‘The Wonderful World of Wheels”, with Lloyd Bridges as your host. The whole film is really worth a watch for the 60s go-karts, slot cars, dune buggies, show cars, and more. Lloyd drives the Silhouette during the opening sequence along the Pacific Coast Highway and at moments throughout the show. Although this video has been shared on the HAMB before, I thought it was worth sharing again, and highlighting the custom car & hot rod moments for you:

1:19 – 3:00: The Silhouette running down Highway 1, hero shots for intro, and driving through neighborhood.

22:00 – 22:45: Parked Silhouette as Lloyd talks

22:45 – 23:48: Indoor Custom Car Show

23:48 – 24:10: Big Daddy Ed Roth and Surfite

24:10 – 24:40 George Barris and Surf Woody

25:02 – 25:10 Musters Koach

30:42 – 37:10 Drag Racing featuring the Scrima-Basilek-Milodon-Tuller “Scrima-Liner”

44:12 – 48:28 Bonneville featuring Art Arfons and Craig Breedlove

48:29 – 52:19 Closing sequence with Lloyd Bridges and Silhouette