July 19, 2024


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Van Boom’s Top 5 – KALTBLUT Magazine

Van Boom’s Top 5 – KALTBLUT Magazine

Caught at the threshold of overlapping worlds, memories, and autonomic forces, Van Boom conducts a critical artistic enterprise from his base in Kuwait. As a producer, DJ, and organizer embedded in the Arab states along the Gulf Region, Van Boom is a rare voice in a burgeoning underground music scene as unparalleled as it is pressured by social and state mechanisms. With the release of their debut album Prosthetics on Varg2TM’s Cease 2 Exist label, we asked Van Boom to take us through their Top 5 influential songs. 


1.) Linkin Park – Krwlng (Reanimation) (2003)
“I’ve had a deep bond with Linkin Park, and I spent my entire childhood listening to the Reanimation album repeatedly. My brother once bought a CD from our local record shop and played it when he got home. The original compositions were altered into something more ambient and experimental by “Krwling,” which also added an orchestral ambiance. I grew to appreciate the sound more as I got older since there was something about it that felt quite dynamic. It’s unquestionably a song that will never get old.”

2.) Source Direct – Call & Response (1997)
“Source Direct may not be well known to listeners, but it made me think of the first time I saw Wesley Snipe’s “Blade” as a kid. After doing further digging, I discovered several really intriguing songs in the soundtrack, such as “Polygon Window – UT1 – Dot.” As time went on, I absolutely adored “Call and Response” and other pieces from Blade’s OST.”

3.) The Smashing Pumpkins’ – The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning (1997)
“Strangely, I learned that The Smashing Pumpkins composed the score for Joel Schumacher’s “Batman & Robin” in 1997. I recall hearing two different renditions of the song, one of which appeared in the end credits of the film and was more of a rock version, the other was entirely dark and extremely industrial. Listening to “The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning” is thrilling since it constantly places you in such an emotional situation.”

4.) t.A.T.u. – Not Gonna Get Us (2002)
“The song evokes so many pleasant memories. My first shock upon seeing the music video on MTV with my father is still sharp in my memory. The most memorable feature of the song, aside from the repetitious lyrics, is hearing the drum and bass rhythms with the quick-paced melodies. The fact that a 20-year-old song is still played in clubs is what’s more intriguing. That time and era for music on the radio felt so sentimental to me.”

5.) المجيم جمال – انتي غادة / Ghadah Enty – Jamal Al Mjaim (1980)
“My father used to share several stories with me about our relative Jamal Al Mjaim. Jamal was a revered artist in Kuwait’s music scene and my father used to occasionally visit him at his studio. After a successful music career, Jamal ended up abruptly quitting music and delving deeper into his religious faith, subsequently moving to Saudi Arabia. Although he no longer makes music, his song “Gadah Enty” lives on as one of my favorite melodies in Kuwaiti music. In addition to its cultural significance, its instrumental arrangement masterfully blends Oud, and violin, with Kuwaiti percussion.”


Prosthetics is out now: https://linktr.ee/Cease2exist