May 23, 2024


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Why Christians Must Care about Politics


There are handful of things extra controversial than whether Christians really should be concerned with politics, and if so, to what degree and how that involvement must materialize. In this episode, I split down two primary premises for thinking perfectly about this matter:

1. Christians have the correct, politically talking, to advocate for our views in the public square.

2. Christians have the calling, spiritually talking, to advocate for the fantastic of other folks.

I then reply to 7 prevalent objections to Christian political involvement. These (errant) strategies are unfortunately discovered in the course of Pastor Andy Stanley’s new book, Not In It to Win It, so I use rates from that reserve as a scenario review to demonstrate the problems with these thinking. (To be apparent, these are issues I believe there are with what he wrote, not troubles he is presenting.)

The objections to involvement that I tackle are:

1. People do not like the church when we emphasis on politics.

2. Neither celebration represents Christianity, so Christians shouldn’t be regarded to be affiliated with a unique social gathering.

3. You cannot modify people’s hearts by altering regulations.

4. Country modifying was not component of Jesus’s mission, so it shouldn’t be component of ours.

5. In “fighting” for our rights, we’re not placing others initial.

6. Politics build division and division is the enemy.

7. Politically worried Christians just want to “get our way” or acquire “power.”

There ARE harmful mixes of faith and politics, but which is not the subject of this episode (however I do admit people a little bit as I address the earlier mentioned factors). My function in this article is to handle individuals who are cautioning Christians to keep out of politics in important techniques. I imagine that is a grave slip-up.

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