March 4, 2024


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And The Most Well-liked Pet Name Of The Final Century Is …

Digging via a century’s worth of information has exposed the most popular pet names in excess of the last 115 yrs, according to a research by FirstVet.

Amongst the vital conclusions is that individuals seriously like to name their pets right after monarchies and fairy tales – “Princess” is the most well-known all round pet name in the U.S. It is also the most popular puppy title.

“Princess has consistently been in the top-10 most well known dog names due to the fact the 1960s but has under no circumstances been the No. 1 most well-known title in any solitary 10 years,” in accordance to FirstVet, an on the net pet wellness and consultation services.

Pet names are usually influenced by cultural activities and artwork, the analyze said.

The most preferred cat identify of all time is “Tiger.” This may possibly be thanks to the earliest domesticated cats in The us becoming European “tabby” cats, which have exclusive stripes, the research explained. A edition of the title – “Tigger” – acquired a improve in the 1960s thanks to Disney’s popularization of the Winnie the Pooh tales, which feature a bouncy tiger named Tigger.

Pet dogs

Here are the most popular pet dog names for each and every 10 years, in accordance to FirstVet, which studied pet demise data at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery (started in 1896 in New York City) to draw its conclusions. The cemetery is the closing resting position for much more than 80,000 animals.

  • 1930 – Queenie
  • 1940 – Tippy
  • 1950 – Sandy
  • 1960 – Woman
  • 1970 – Brandy
  • 1980 – Max
  • 1990 – Max
  • 2000 – Max

FirstVet said Max has been a continuously well-known dog pet title in component due to the good results of the “Mad Max” franchise as properly as Russell Crowe’s character Maximus from the movie “Gladiator.”


Listed here are the most well known cat names for just about every decade setting up with the earliest knowledge out there, the 1960s.

  • 1960 – Cindy
  • 1970 – Ginger
  • 1980 – Tiger
  • 1990 – Smokey
  • 2000 – Smokey

Smokey has dominated the previous two decades possible due to the attractiveness of the film “Smokey and the Bandit” and its quite a few Tv set movies and sequels, as properly as the popularity of Motown singer William “Smokey” Robinson.

“Naming a pet is a single of the strongest indicators of human enjoy and companionship, which is what impressed us to carry out this intriguing evaluation of how Us residents have named their furry pals around the previous century,” reported Gabriel Corredor, FirstVet’s U.S. country supervisor. 

Read through FirstVet’s total pet-identify examine on-line.

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