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How to Stop Detached Dating and Create Real Connection

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Building a real relationship in today’s digital age seems impossible. The constant need for approval via dating apps without the actual intention of dating anyone is a common theme among the lives of many. If you have spent just a single week on Tinder or Bumble, you would know what it’s like to deal with the overwhelming options and the struggle of going on date after date that led to nothing. Once you have been in the realm of detached dating, it’s difficult to get out of this vicious cycle.

What Exactly is Detached Dating?
Experiencing this form of dating style means you have reached the point of seeing yourself with only the most perfect person, so you go on date after date with the intention that you’ll keep going on more with others. It’s the thought process of knowing you have other options. While it’s okay to be in that mindset where you won’t settle for less, if you would like to find a genuine connection with somebody, you need to break the cycle and change your mindset.

The Proper Mindset
It’s important to go on dates you feel you’d have a connection with. Don’t go into dates with the mindset of the dozens of other options you have. Give those first dates the open chance. Creating a real connection begins with putting the focus on your date that is right in front of you; not the potential Super Like you just got on Tinder. Give each date individual attention.

Express Admiration
Don’t be scared to express gratitude or joy about your partner as your dates progress. Creating a real connection means figuring out what you like about your dates. You can easily catch the small things they do in conversations and let them know how you feel about them. Be expressive, let yourself be honest, and be real with your dates if you want to get passed the surface-level of dating.

Go for that Second, Third, and Fourth Date
It’s always the initial first date that we judge the entire potential of the relationship off of. We gauge where it’s going based off of one good or bad date, but if you look at your past relationships, you will see that you have made some wrong decisions giving certain people more time than others. If there’s some interest and you have a gut feeling you should give it another try, go for that second or third date. The biggest key to beating out detached dating is giving yourself permission to like somebody.

No More Games
Throw away all the knowledge you have about responding several hours later, being coyer, or any unnecessary rules you may have picked up from friends and past experiences. Stop playing those useless games that lead people down the road of confusion and fear. Honesty is going to be your key to building a real connection with the people you date. If you want to make someone wait before diving into bed, then be honest about that when the opportunity rises. The right person is going to accept all the boundaries you have for yourself if they genuinely are interested in you.

Building a real connection is about dropping all of your old habits with dating and starting fresh. Let every date give you excitement. If there is no interest or chemistry, at least try to build a connection with someone and end the night on good terms even if it doesn’t lead to a relationship. Changing your approach to dating can make a world of difference to how you feel on dates, intimacy from a sex guide and what the potential can be for your future.